ZeNai’s Platform

State Auditor Responsibilities

  1. Accounting for all state funds
  2. Overseeing and disbursing county, city, town, and school tax distributions
  3. Paying the state’s bills and state employees
  4. Administering Indiana’s Deferred Compensation Plan, known as Hoosier START
  5. Developing Annual Comprehensive Financial Report
  6. State Board of Finance

State Budget

The 2022 State Fiscal Year Close-Out report (end of year finance update) highlights the state’s budget surplus. Indiana, however, ranks lowest in the US in areas like education, food access, infrastructure, and public health. With the surplus, we have the opportunity to address gaps in equity through historic investments in Hoosiers. As State Auditor I will work to ensure funding is allocated to reach and benefit communities that need it most. I will work closely with the budget agency to provide oversight and transparency to the state’s budgeting process.

Experience: With over 14 years of audit, finance, reporting and compliance experience, currently managing the budget of one of Indiana’s largest foundations, I am well versed in following and directing dollars. I am also uniquely qualified to access the impact of community investments through programs and grants to ensure sustainable and impactful change.

Entrepreneurs and Community Organizations

Indiana has a rich history of entrepreneurship! If the state wants to call itself a business friendly state, then this must include supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations, especially minority, women, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. As State Auditor I will ensure these businesses have a voice around the table when financial decisions are made for the state. I will advocate for better partnerships between government and community!

Experience: I have served on local, regional and national boards in various capacities. I also have almost 10 years of specific audit experience, mostly within the non-profit sector. I’ve seen first hand disparities that exist in equitable funding and the availability of resources. Serving on boards and consulting has provided me an opportunity to assist organizations with strategy and operational alignment, as well as leveraging my resources for advocacy.

Economic Development

Economic development includes programs, policies, and activities that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community. For me, the benefits of economic development must not also come at the cost of displacing certain communities. As State Auditor I will advocate to have economic development in our state reflect the diversity of the state. I also will serve as a financial guardian to ensure best practices are being followed.

Experience: I have participated in civic leadership programs like SKL Executive Leadership Series and Indy Chamber’s Leadership Exchange (Advance 317). In these programs, I gained first hand knowledge of our community’s successes and areas of improvement. I’ve also personally seen neighborhoods, like where my church is located, become food and resource deserts, while areas around us explode with opportunity. To affect change, our church has begun to establish partnerships with organizations like LISC and Faith in Indiana to become a CDC and bring resources to the community we serve.

Social Issues

As State Auditor I will use the power of the office to support women, minorities, unions, and the LGBTQ+ community. I will ensure state spending is equitable across all demographics and that government assistance and funding addresses important issues within these communities. I will hold government agencies accountable to their respective agreements, ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion is reflective in the state’s finances.

Experience: I represent the 2% of CPAs who are Black and 8% of accounting professionals who are black. I’ve spent my entire career in a profession where people who look like me are under-represented. In addition to my 15+ years of board service with NABA, Inc,  and 10+ years with INCPAS, I’ve been a mentor, legislative advocate, leader for company employee resource (affinity) groups, speaker, panelists and more. Long story short, I’m not new to this fight for equity for everyone. It’s also not lost on me the intersection of social Issues and finances, and some of the disparities that exist. I will also use my platform to expose and affect change for people like me and all Hoosiers!


A person’s faith, the Bible for me, should not be used as a weapon to restrict or oppress people. For far too long Republicans have tried to brand themselves as the party of faith and used this stance to determine policy. They do not, however, have a monopoly on what a person of faith looks like. My faith is very important to me and it has taught me to respect and appreciate people’s differences as well as advocate for the best interest of everyone! One does not have to abandon their beliefs to agree that there are certain things the government should not be making decisions on. As State Auditor my faith will guide me as I fight for the people of this state and I will ensure every Hoosier’s voice is heard regardless of their religious beliefs.

Experience: As a Christian, Church leader, and pastor’s wife, I’ve spent my entire life in service. I’ve been committed to teaching practical applications of the Word which can be applied throughout the week, via my blog “Lady Z Speaks”. I’ve also encouraged everyone to use their platform to advocate on behalf of those whose voices are silenced and those less fortunate. For more evidence: www.ladyzspeaks.com